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Black Lightning

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The difference between a .Wav file and an Mp3 file is the way in which the files are compressed. The .Wav file doesn’t lose quality when its rendered while the Mp3 does. This means that encoding audio to Mp3 will reduce its quality but also reduce its file size. 

Trackouts, also known as stems, are each individual file used to make a track. For example, if a song contains piano, drums, bass, and some synth pads, the trackouts are each one of those files. The individual stems will be in .Wav form. This option is most ideal because it gives you the most flexibility when mixing and mastering over your desired sound.  

Usually no. The reason being is I enjoy the freedom to create anything whenever and not have any specific style or genre in mind. That being said, i’m always willing to work with artists so if it is something your interested in doing send me an email at mykalriley1@gmail.com

Yes! You can make payments towards the Track Out and Exclusive option just send me an email and we can come up with options that work best for you. 

Yes! Every lease can be used for streaming applications. Each agreement specifies the amount of streams, downloads and performances so be sure to go over them before purchasing. 

Absolutely you can pay with the cash app. All you need to do is include the title of the song and format (.wav, mp3, trackouts) in the payment description. Once i’ve received that funds i’ll send over the track via email. This process usually takes 5-10 minutes. If you need more assistance feel free to email me. 

My cashtag is cash.me/$mykalriley1

No problem! Just send me an email of any additional questions or concerns to mykalriley1@gmail.com


My goal with music is to inspire everyone to be as creative as they can be and reach their fullest potential. Releasing projects is one the most exciting things an artist can do and I hope that my production can influence you in your creative process. If you would like to donate, any amount will go a long way in contributing to the cause. Thank you!

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